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A home is only as comfortable as the temperature is appropriate. If your home is too cold or too hot, regardless of how nicely it is decorated or renovated, inhabitants and guests won’t be comfortable. If you are in the Oklahoma area, you should consider OKC Heat and Air as your guard against issues with heat and air repair. With summer approaching, now is the best time to get an air conditioner tune up, and air conditioning repair service Oklahoma City Oklahoma is the way to go. 

Heat and Air Repair OKC

If you are looking for heat and air repair in my area, OKC Heat and Air preforms a number of valuable services. From heating, AC repair, and duct cleaning, the OKC team can keep your home running smoothly.


If the heating in your home seems uneven, or even worse, if your house is always cold, you could have issues in your furnace that you will want to address promptly, and preferably before the cold months. Other signs of potential issues are loud clunky noises coming from the air handler or unusually high energy bills. OKC offers furnace and duct cleaning, maintenance, and repair. They are also known for their efficient installation of heat pumps.

AC Repair

For those whose A/C unit stops working, you can only hope it doesn’t happen during the hottest months, but regardless of when it happens, OKC is a repair company with a solid reputation based on reliability and affordability. 

Whether your A/C is not pumping enough cool air to throughout the house or if it’s making strange noises or starts blowing hot air, OKC will send out a fully certified technician to inspect the air conditioner and give you a quote on what will be required to fix it.

Duct Cleaning

Once a home goes a long time without a duct cleaning, dust and debris becomes trapped in the vents. A home that always seems to be dusty despite how much you clean could be in need of a duct cleaning.  If your home has recently undergone extensive renovations, chances are an above-average amount of dust has entered the home. If people seem to suffer from allergies in the home, this is another indication that there is simply too much dust, and that can become unhealthy if left unattended.

OKC Heat and Air performs quick, reliable, affordable, and thorough duct cleaning services. Issues such as un-lubricated parts, low refrigerant levels, or just a build-up of too much dust are the most common causes of HVAC system issues that OKC sees. 

While there are many heating and air companies in the market, not all provide the same level of service. OKC Heat and Air would love to hear from you and provide you with your free quote; find out for yourself why they are considered an industry leader.

If you are experiencing any issues to do with your home’s heating or air conditioning system and are looking for a heat and air repair service near me, give OKC Heat and Air a call at 405-266-2000 or you can visit our website.

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