Has Your Home Or Commercial Air Conditioning Failed In This Summer Heat?

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Repairman tightening fan shroud on outside air conditioning unit


Has your home or commercial air conditioning failed in this summer heat?

No doubt, a part of the fault lies with you, as you did not bother to get this equipment cleaned or serviced during the winter season when you do not require them. Dust accumulating in the filter chokes it, putting pressure on the compressor as it tries to suck in air from inside your room. This also prevents the thermostat from tripping when the preset temperature inside the room has been reached. In extreme cases, the thermostat might break down and stop functioning. In addition, dust accumulates on the copper pipes of the compressor, prohibiting it from chilling the air flowing over it properly. While cleaning the filter and the compressor of window ACs are no problem, it is a different situation altogether in the case of split air conditioning systems.

To add to your agony, the compressor and several other parts of the air conditioner that you should not attempt to service. You should leave the cleaning and repair job to professional HVAC repair companies in Oklahoma who have a proven track record of successfully carrying out heating and air conditioning repairs for several years. The internet is both a blessing and a curse. People faced with malfunctioning air conditioners often search the net for heating and air conditioning service near me and call the first individual or company that they come across in the search results. Is there any guarantee whether these companies or individuals have factory trained technicians who can detect the problem and fix it with original equipment spares and provide a guarantee on the parts replaced?

Forget about them repairing your HVAC equipment, as in most cases they lack the expertise required to detect the problem or have the original spares necessary to fix the issue so that it does not occur again. Most of them rarely issue a warranty. If your AC unit fails a couple of weeks or months later, they will charge you again to fix it. Your best bet is to hand over the diagnostic and repairing job to a professional company who have the state of the art diagnostic tools required to detect the problem with your air conditioner and fix it using original spares, as well as include a warranty on the replaced parts. This ensures that they will change the replaced part if it malfunctions before the expiry of the warranty period.

No doubt, you have to pay slightly more when you choose a professional company that specializes in carrying out heating and air conditioning repair OKC and only uses original parts. We at OKC Heat and Air have formed a special bond with the citizens of Oklahoma who consider us as the best heating and air conditioning repair company. In fact, most of our new clients come through referrals from our existing customers. Our rates are reasonable and we are available round the clock throughout the year. Instead of wasting time searching online visit our website at https://okcheatandair.com and fill up the online form or contact us at 405-266-2000 for an obligation free estimate.

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